Posted by: nemerson | July 16, 2008

The big picture

This is a quick summary to bring you up to date on what this site was designed for.  My daughter Grace (almost 7) and I are traveling to India as missionaries July 22-August 13, 2008.

Jill, Grace and Rose getting ready for India

Jill, Grace and Rose getting ready for India

Also part of our team is Rose Erwin, a great friend from church who has traveled with me to India on two previous short-term missionary journeys.  God has given Rose and I a great burden to tell people about Jesus–right here in Maine, where we live and work–but also throughout the world, especially in India.

On our first trip in March, 2005, we traveled with a team of 5 from our church (The Church at Highpine in Wells, ME) to Tamil Nadu, India.  God had worked amazingly to…

bring together our pastor and an Indian couple (David & Martha Stanly) here in Maine to set up the trip.  In India, we were met by David Stanly’s brother, Pastor Jamie, who leads a ministry there called Comforter Action Mission Trust (CAMT).  Their mission is to reach the people of India with the love of Christ through service–feeding programs, well-drilling, medical camps, adopt-a-village, and more.  As American missionaries, we have a unique role in this Indian ministry.  First of all, we provide funds for these services to go forth.  And second, we create an “awe factor,” if you will.  Often in the villages we visit, the people have never seen a white person.  They are curious as to why we have come, and we are able to share the gospel of Jesus with them.  Many have never heard the name of Jesus before, and they eagerly come to receive forgiveness and peace that only He can bring.  Pastor Jamie is sure to follow-up in these villages by sending an Indian missionary there to meet with the new believers on a regular basis and eventually establish a church.  Wowzers!

It wasn’t until the last day of our trip in March, 2005, when Jesus crashed into my heart and changed me forever by showing me His heart for those who don’t know Him.  Though we had ministered to over 2,000 people, it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the BILLION people in India.  There was so much more to do, and I couldn’t wait to go back!  (Truthfully, I didn’t want to leave, but I had a husband and 2-yr-old daughter waiting for me!)

Rose and I returned to India in November, 2006, with her 16-yr-old daughter, Becky.  It was another wonderful experience preaching Christ as we traveled through southern India.  Since young Becky was with us, we were also able to go into three schools and share Bible stories, Bible songs and the gospel message with them.

Nate and Jill

Nate and Jill

Now, here we are in July, 2008.  The next chapter in the journey.  As I mentioned above, my daughter Grace will be joining Rose and I on this trip.  My awesome husband, Nathan, was also hoping to come on this trip, but God had other plans.  You see, Nathan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymphatic system) back in 1996, six weeks before our wedding.  Since then, he’s had his lifetime maximum of radiation, every kind of chemotherapy under the sun, two bone marrow transplants, and he’s currently undergoing a clinical trial for a new chemo drug.  Even through all that, he’s still a man after God’s heart, and the best husband and the best daddy in the world!

For this trip, we also have joining us, Bob Gilpatric, an elder at our church.

Here's Bob!

Here's Bob!

Our church is considering adopting a village in India through the CAMT ministry, and Bob is going to India for a short time (July 22-30) to explore this possibility a little further.  it will be a whirlwind tour for Bob as we visit villages that have already been adopted and also the village that we would possibly be adopting if God continues to lead our church in that direction.



  1. Hi Jill,
    Martha shared your blog with me and I am so happy to see that you have returned to India!
    I wish I could have gone with you. I haven’t been since 2006 when I went for two months with my husband and 2 children. We brought Jamie’s nephew to America to study at Southeastern College here in Florida (we moved in 2006). He needed us here for a very long time to help him with the culture and getting acclimated to school. Now he is quite independent and doing well. So we are preparing to return to India!
    I would love to keep in touch with you and loved reading your blog! I entered our blog and pics on your website button here so you can see our 2006 trip. Please email me so we can chat!!!
    I miss you and Rose.

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