Posted by: nemerson | August 2, 2008

Visit to a handicapped village

the land in Geransy

the land in Geransy

Ministry day 8, Friday

96-yr-old man

96-yr-old man

Today, we set off in the jeep with the regular crew (Pastor Jamie, Ragu, me, Grace, Rose, Balu-the driver) plus two more guests–Israel, an older man who is secretary for the Church of the Pentecost (which is headquartered here at CAMT) and a 96-yr-old Christian man.  He owns a piece of land in the village of Geransy that he wants to donate to the church.  This village has no Christian influence at all, and most have never even heard the name of Jesus. 

We all traveled out to Geransy to see the land so Pastor Jamie could begin making plans for a building there.  Since these people would not welcome a Christian church at this point, a large home will be built that can be later be used as a church.  By God’s grace, a missionary will come to live there and begin the work of sharing the love of Christ with the people of Geransy.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful place, high in the Nilgris Mountains.  If you’reinterested in helping out with this building or sponsoring this missionary ($100/month), let me know!  Our family actually sponsors James Matthew, the pastor at the Adopt-a-village in Gudalur.

From Geransy, we traveled back to Coonoor, where we stopped for lunch before heading out to another village,  This village is full of homes built by the government for handicapped people.  Pastor Senthil has been preaching here for the past 4 years.  They still have no church building, so we met in a vacant home. 

We arrived around 3pm or so–after another amazing trek, driving downs one side of a mountain, back up the other, and around to the back of that mountain.  Wowzers!  Praise God, it rained only a bit as we were driving, and we didn’t have to walk very far.

Grace gives lollipops to the women and children

Grace gives lollipops to the women and children

Since it was early in the afternoon, there were just a few women and children around.  They came and sat and talked with us as Ragu translated.  We soon ran out of things to talk about.  The old man and brother Israel then told stories to the women and children there while Ragu took Grace out for a walk through the village to burn off some energy.  She even got to ride a white horse–bareback!  It was the highlight of the day for her.

Around 5pm, all the villagers returned from their day’s work and started piling into the house.  We squished and squeezed about 40 or so people in there!  Pastor Senthil started us off with the some singing (boy, was it loud echoing in that vacant house!).  Rose shared first on Romans 12–all of the body of Christ using their gifts, working together, is how the church is supposed to function. 

Grace wanted to say something but was too shy, so I spoke for her.  She said that she loved Jesus, had Jesus in her heart, and she knew she was going to heaven when she died.  I ran with that and spoke about the parable of the good Samaritan, which Jesus told when a man asked him how he could inherit eternal life. 

Evening meeting

Evening meeting

Jamie continued by offering them the opportunity to pray and accept Christ as their Savior–many prayed!  Hallelujah!

We passed out TY Beanie Bears to all of the children, and we spent some time praying for each of them that came forward needing healing or even a blessing.

Before leaving, we gave them dinner–packets of rice, egg and sauce wrapped in banana leaves and then newspaper.  Then we headed home in the dark, Grace sleeping in Rose’s lap before we left the village.



  1. Thanks so much for doing this blog, Jill. It’s wonderful to read about your trip while it’s happening. Praise God for His work in the people you are ministering to!

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