Posted by: nemerson | August 4, 2008

Weekend news

Ministry day 9, Saturday

Saturday night meeting

Saturday night meeting

Ah, a relaxing Saturday.  With nothing on the agenda until 6pm, Rose and I enjoyed some time reading, catching up on e-mail and just hanging out.  Ragu took Grace and Abby to the playground for a couple hours.  They came home for lunch (leftover pizza), and then Ragu and Grace took the bus to go shopping to buy things for her friends back home (ice cream was also involved!).

Grace stayed home with Abby during our evening meeting so that she could go to bed early.  We have to leave at 5:30am Sunday.

On the way to the meeting…

we stopped at the home of Pastor Isaac and his wife Beulah.  Isaac is the preaching pastor at the church here at the CAMT building, and he and his wife have been with us at almost all of the meetings here in the Coonoor area.  Beulah certainly has a servant’s heart and was so anxious to serve us while we visited her home.  We just wanted to sit and talk with her, but it was hard to keep her sitting down!

Pastor Isaac and Beulah jumped in the jeep with us, along with our 96-year-old friend, who seems to have taken Bob’s place and is traveling everywhere with us.  🙂  It was only about 20 minutes to the village of Carolina, where we were going for our meeting.  We squeezed about 40 people in this little room, with some sitting in the adjoining rooms.  They could still hear what we were saying.

Of course, we started off with singing.  I spoke first on Psalm 5:1-3, and I even sang the verses for them.  I shared with them about my practice of not letting my feet hit the floor in the morning without seeking God’s help and glory for the day.  Rose spoke on

Before leaving, we handed out the rest of the TY Beanie bears.  On our way home, we got stuck behind a kind of parade worshipping a Hindu god…interesting.

Ministry day 10, Sunday

People giving their tithes during church

People giving their tithes during church

We left CAMT at 6am sharp with Jamie at the wheel of the jeep.  Our driver, Balu, didn’t show up.  Rose and I wore saris (with some help from Shirley’s mom getting them on!).  We headed to the town of Gobi to a church there.  The pastor there was so excited to have us American missionaries at his church, he practically forgot how to run the service!  Jamie had to keep reminding him what to do.  🙂

Gobi is down in the valley, and it was incredibly hot there.  To add to the heat, there was someone there taking video of us, and the camera had a huge spotlight on it that was pointed at us all morning.  The light was not only hot but also blinding!  It seemed that all the forces of nature were against us, but God was for us, and that’s all that mattered!

Prayer and singing were the first order of business, of course.  The pastor’s daughter helped him lead the singing.  Some testimonies were shared before it was time for us to speak.  The pastor welcomed us by placing scarves around our necks as a gift of appreciation.  (Don’t worry, they didn’t make us wear them since it was so hot!)

Jamie gave an introduction explaining how God had sent us as His messengers from over 6,000 miles away, so it must be an important message!  Rose shared on the importance of tithing from several different Scriptures, and she included stories of times in her life when she had chosen not to tithe.  I spoke from 1 Cor. 12 on the church being part of a body.  We all have to use our gifts, do our part and follow the lead of the pastor for the church to be beautiful and effective.

It was a great blessing to see that during the offering time, many more people than usual came forward to give!

We also celebrated communion with them before closing the service.



Grace sat with kids during the beginning of the service, and then sat in the front with me for about an hour reading a book.  It was a lot of sitting for a little girl, and I could tell we weren’t even close to being done!  I sent her out with Ragu.  They ended up taking a ride on a motorcycle to get soda and ice cream!

After the service, everyone lined up in rows on the floor (we had chairs) for lunch (the usual rice, egg, sambar sauce served on a banana leaf).  We were also given chicken drumsticks–Grace was thrilled–and cake for dessert!

Once the lunch was cleaned up, we invited the children back for a children’s program.  We did our skit of Daniel and the Lions Den, taught them some songs, told the story of Peter and the huge catch of fish, and finished up with the craft project (catch fish in a box).  We gave them each a ring pop, too.

Daniel and the Lion's Den Skit

Daniel and the Lion's Den Skit

on our way back to Coonoor, we picked up Pastor Lawrence and his wife to bring them up the mountain.  His wife, Priscilla, is due to have their first child in October.  Indian custom is for the wife to stay with her mother for the last 3 months of the pregnancy and the first 3 months once the baby is born with the first child.  Priscilla was crying as she left her home.  😦

We stopped for dinner–and ice cream!–on the way home.



  1. We miss you! Praying for you! Thanks for keeping us informed with the blog.

    ~David, Crickett, Lydia & Kyra

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