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Grace is 7! And more news from the field…

Ministry day 11, Monday

Today we kicked off a busy week of visiting schools and sharing the gospel.  Our first stop was in a small village halfway down the mountain, Burliar.  There are about 25 kids at the school, and we also rented a jeep so that the local pastor, Pastor Stephen, could bring 15 other children from another school in Marapalam to where we were.

Jamie requested that we start the program off by talking to them about proper hygiene.  To make it more interesting, Rose asked Grace about her day and how she takes care of her body–proper sleep, eating her vegetables, brushing her teeth, taking a bath, etc.

Parachute time!

Parachute time!

Next, we taught them “Peace like a River” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”  It’s so much fun to watch them as they learn!  AFter the singing, we had them sit in a circle, and we brought out the parachute.  Using the colors in the parachute, Rose explained the Gospel like you would using the Wordless Book: yellow-heaven, black-sin, red-Jesus’ blood, white-clean and forgiven, blue-baptism, green-growing in Christ.

With the lesson behind us, we got to play with the parachute (still sitting down).  It was great fun!  We raised it up and down, then we threw the balls under it, and then on top.  The kids were just laughing and laughing!


I told the story of Peter and the big catch of fish to introduce the craft.  I don’t remember if I explained that before, but the craft we’ve been doing is an open-top box which the kids stamp with stampers we brought.  They each also receive a baggie with 3 pieces of gimp and 3 wooden fish beads.  They tie a knot in the gimp and string the fish–one on each.  Then they use a mailing label as a sticker for each string to be stuck inside the box.  You can then try to catch the fish in the box–it’s actually pretty tricky!

helping out with the boxes

helping out with the boxes

Before we closed, our 96-year-old friend, Vethamuthu, had a few words for the kids.  Then we passed out candy and notebooks, and Pastor Stephen prayed with them.

We had a quick break back at CAMT for a peanut butter sandwich.  Grace stayed home again while we headed off to Glendale for an evening meeting at the home of one of the women who attend Pastor Stephen’s church.   On our way to our meeting, we stopped at Pastor’s Stephen’s home for tea, cake, cookies and banana chips (yum!).  Yes, we had to squeeze in as much as possible to fit 27 people into this 2-room house!

The singing is becoming quite familiar to us now–we’re learning what to sing but have no idea what it means!  We’re praising God, and that’s what matters.  🙂  Jamie again gave the introduction that we were messengers sent from God. Veramathu wanted to speak first and taught on love from 1 Cor. 13.

evening meeting

evening meeting

I was up next and explained how our great and awesome God had chosen each of us to be there at that time and place–He doesn’t make mistakes!  He knows everything about us–our thoughts before we even think them (Ps. 139), and He chose us to be His children before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1).  We also have to choose, though.  We have to choose life–rather than death–every day (Deut. 30:19-20).

Rose wanted to talk about sharing the gospel–how can people accept Jesus unless they hear about Him?  She had everyone tell how long they had been a Christian and how they heard about Jesus.  Three people in attendance (a mother with 2 teen children) had not yet accepted Christ.  One woman shared her testimony, and Rose explained the simplicity of the gospel and how they each could share it.  It wasn’t just Pastor STephen’s job!

Jamie closed in prayer, and everyone was served coffee and crackers.  Rose sought out the family that had not yet accepted Christ and asked what was holding them back.  Nothing!  They wanted to accept Christ!  Jamie led them in a prayer of salvation.  Woohoo!

Before leaving the village, we stopped at 2 homes to pray for needs there.  It was a great day and a great night!

Ministry day 12, Tuesday, Grace’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Well, the tradition in our family is that on your birthday, you get to have cake for breakfast.  Unfortunately, Grace didn’t have any cake for breakfast, but she certainly had some after dinner!  For dinner, Pastor Jamie took us, Ragu, Shirley, Abby, and her cousins, Sheeba and Cyril, to a fancy hotel that even had a complete playground in the courtyard.  We had milkshakes outside before going in for dinner (Grace ordered spaghetti!), and then cake was brought to the table as we sang “Happy Birthday” along with the piano.  They gave Grace a special knife so she could cut her own piece.  The evening ended with fireworks–just for her–set off by Ragu on the roof of the CAMT building (it’s a flat roof).  Wow!  She even got a few presents–a fancy, new dress from Ragu, real tea set and bangels from Rose, a purse from Abby and a play dress from Jamie and Shirley.  What a great day–and Thursday we’re going to a water park called Black Thunder as a birthday treat for Grace.

Now, backing up a little, we did visit two schools before the big party.  We arrived at the first school in Kullakamby at 9am just as school was starting.  About 240 kids from 1st through 6th grade all gathered in a big hall.  As Jamie introduced us, he explained that it was GRace’s birthday, and they all sang to her in English.  She was feeling shy, though, and hid behind me.

"Peace like a River"

"Peace like a River"

We had only one hour there, and we started off with “Peace like a river.”  Then, I told them a little bit about America and some things that are different there.  But we didn’t travel 6,000 miles to tell them about America, we came to tell them about Jesus.  Using the colors of the Wordless Book, like we did yesterday, Rose explained the gospel message.  Our object lesson was some bead necklaces in the colors we talked about (unfortunately, we were a little short and will send some more along tomorrow) and Grace and I blew up balloons in the colors as Rose talked about them.  It was very cool, and they even remembered what all the colors meant!

In the afternoon, we went to a secondary school in Ketti, grades 8-12.  When we got to the school, there was a surprise government inspection going on, so we had to leave until it was over.  As it turned out, we were only able to speak to the 8th graders, about 50 of them, instead of the whole school.  We taught them “Peace like a River” to begin with.  We didn’t think the teens would appreciate the Wordless Book, so right before we left, we came up with the idea of having them do some relay races sitting in their places.  We had them pass balls, then balloons, then balloons filled with water, then balloons covered in peanut butter.  You should have seen their faces when they had to pass the peanut-butter-covered balloons!

peanut butter balloons!

peanut butter balloons!

After all the silliness, we told them we had something serious to tell them, and Rose explained the gospel message.  We passed out little wooden crosses (and candy!) to help them remember the message of Christ.  Before we could leave, our old friend Vethamuthu also had a few words for them–pray and read your Bibles every morning and evening!

And since none of the water balloons had broken during our games, we threw them at the kids as they piled out of their classroom!



  1. What an evening meeting in Glendale !! Great preaching and souls saved !! All glory to God for using you as His messengers.
    Keep the stories coming. You are ministering to us here at home too.
    A special hug for Grace

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