Posted by: nemerson | August 8, 2008

Ministry and much-needed fun

Ministry day 13, Wednesday

Jamie buying some fruit

Jamie buying some fruit

We had the morning free and set off for grocery shopping at the market, a visit to Sim’s Park (flowers, playground and paddleboats) and then to a type of baby shower for Pastor Lawrence and Priscilla.  All of their families were there and blessed them as Priscilla was taken  off to her parents’ home to wait for their baby’s arrival.

Jamie and Rose in the paddleboat at Sim's Park

Jamie and Rose in the paddleboat at Sim's Park

Our ministry today was at two boarding schools that are run by Christians.  Many of the children are orphans or have only one parent alive who works, so the children live at the school, are well taken care of, and are taught about the love of Jesus.  Since these children are already following Jesus, we did our Daniel skit for them.  We’re very silly and they love it!

Since we had only 45 minutes at each school, we taught them one song, did the skit and then Rose gave them a challenge to tell their friends about Christ.  We left candy for all the kids, bouncy balls for one school and wooden crosses for the other.  There were about 200 kids at each school.

Daniel skit at the first boarding school

Daniel skit at the first boarding school

They had so much fun–and so did we!  Well, Grace wasn’t actually having fun.  She was sooooo tired by the time we made it to the schools at 6:30 and 7:30.  She could barely keep it together to play her part in the skit.  Thank goodness for Ragu who was always willing to carry her everywhere and let her sleep in his lap.  I am definitely running out of patience with her, though no one else seems to be bothered by her behavior.  Pray for me!


Day 14, Thursday, fun day!

What a needed break from the hard work of ministry!  I know it seems we have plenty of time off during the day, but being in front of people, speaking God’s Word, even for a few hours every day is truly exhausting.  Having to keep Grace under control throughout all of those meetings makes it even harder!

So, it was with great pleasure we enjoyed a full day of play at a water/amusement park called Black Thunder.  There was no schedule, and we drifted from the rides to the waterslides and pools just as we pleased.  If you know us at all, you know that Grace and I LOVE to be in the water.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  It was great fun splashing Ragu–who said he wasn’t going in the water, but, of course, we made him!  Rose patiently taught Abby how to swim while Jamie and I did all of the fast slides.  Woohoo! 

BTW, Rose and I had to wear our chutidars (Indian dresses) in the water!  All the women swim fully dressed, and the men usually wear shorts and t-shirts.  All of the pools are separated–women on one side and men on the other.  Everyone is allowed on the water slides, though.  🙂

Sorry there’re no pictures of Black Thunder.  They’re on Rose’s camera, and I have no way to upload them.


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