Posted by: nemerson | October 19, 2008

I love books!

I do realize that it’s been over two months since I posted anything to my blog, and that would be…well…I just don’t have anything exciting (like India!) to post about!  Since returning, I have started a new nannying job for an adorable 3-month old, Bobby, and his big sister Breezy (after school).  I’m having lots of fun having a baby in the house again–and Grace and Nathan like him a lot too. 🙂

So, why am I here posting today?  It was sort of a bribe, actually.  I heard from a college friend on her blog that one of my favorite Christian fiction authors, Brandilyn Collins, was coming out with a new novel and was offering a free copy to the first 25 people who e-mailed requesting an “Advance Reader Copy” (no, that does not mean that you have to be really smart to read it–thank goodness!–it means that you get it in advance!).  I e-mailed her right away and was thrilled when it arrived in my mailbox last week.

There was just one little “catch” with the free book…that you post a review of the book on your blog.  So, I have been propelled into blogdom once again!  I do love to read, and I just couldn’t pass up this chance for a free book that I will undoubtedly pass on to many friends.

The book is called Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins.  It falls under the Christian fiction suspense genre–which happens to be my favorite.  Kaitlan Sering is a young woman who arrives home early from work one day to find a dead woman lying on her bed–all the clues point directly to her boyfriend, Craig, as the murderer.  Problem is, Craig is the police chief’s son.  The chief will never believe her.  She leaves the body and flees to the only family she has–her estranged grandfather, who was once a renowned suspense novelist.  But her grandfather’s mind isn’t what it used to be.  Still, Kaitlan puts her life in his hands as he schemes up a plan to catch the killer red-handed.

This novel contains many of redeeming characteristics of Christian suspense–clean, lots of action, edge-of-your-seat scenes, and clues for the reader to guess “who-done-it.”  It also includes some of those realistic events where the reader says to himself–“What are you thinking?!  That is just STUPID!  I would never do that if I were you!”  But hey, if everyone did exactly what you thought they should do, the world would be a pretty boring place, eh?  At least in books, no one actually gets hurt!  The surprise ending in this book certainly threw me for a loop, but I do love surprises.

I will say that this book is aptly named Dark Pursuit.  It is a bit dark without the redemptive qualities that so many Christian novels pride themselves on.  Kaitlan considers herself a Christian (though it is inferred that she’s sleeping with her boyfriend?!).  Another minor character, the grandfather’s caregiver, is also a Christian, but there is no joy or redemption in her faith.  Instead, she’s a worrisome, sad woman.  You definitely don’t have to worry about being “preached at” in this novel like you do in some Christian fiction where God works everything out just right in the end.

One other issue I had with this novel is that relationships developed between the characters are never quite resolved.  Maybe there’s a follow-up book to come…

Dark Pursuit is due to hit the shelves in December, ’08.  Check it out!  I would also highly recommend Brandilyn Collins’ Hidden Faces Series.  I’ve read those because I got most of them FREE also–through my local library!

Until my next book review or something exciting happens around here…See ya!



  1. My husband and I have read every one of Brandilyn Collins’ books and LOVE them! We always save up our local Christian bookstore gift certificate and coupons and anxiously await for her next book to come out. Similar to Collins writing, we’ve also become avid fans of Terry Blackstock, Colleen Cobble, and Dee Henderson.

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