Posted by: nemerson | November 20, 2009

It’s that time again…

Oh, yes, folks…I’m going back to India!

Not in 6 months…in 6 weeks!

We’re leaving Dec. 29th and returning Jan. 19th.  As much as Grace wanted to go back, I told her that she had to hang out at home this time around.  My wonderful friend Rose, who has been with me on all three of the previous trips, is joining me once again along with her youngest daughter, Debbie, who is 16.

Jill, Debbie and Rose

We’re actually flying into a different state this year–Cochin, Kerala.  It’s on the west coast about 150 miles from Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, which is where the Comforter Action Mission Trust (CAMT) ministry building is located.  Pastor Jamie continues to give his life to this ministry and leading the church in India.  He’ll once again be our guide, translator and leader as we travel.

Pastor Jamie was thrilled that we were flying into Cochin! The plane tickets were cheaper–that’s all that I was thinking!  But God had much bigger things in mind…  It turns out that this area is one of the least evangelized parts of India with many remote villages, and Pastor Jamie has just recently begun visiting these villages and sending in native missionaries.  How exciting for us to be there at the very beginning stages of this new area of ministry!  We have feeding programs, children’s programs and possibly a medical camp planned for these unreached people.  I can’t wait to lavish God’s love on them!

We are also looking forward to visiting one of the Tailoring Institutes started up by CAMT years ago to teach women how to sew.  Each Tailoring Institute (there are currently 3) offers a 6-month certification program for needy women who want to be able to earn some money to support their families.  The programs are on-going–as soon as one ends, the next one begins with new students.   Along with sewing lessons, the women also receive Bible lessons as part of their homework.  Most of the women who attend are Hindu or Muslim, so reading the Scriptures is new to them.  Our team will have the opportunity to sit in on some sewing lessons, share the gospel with them (we have a great visual planned!!!) and even give sewing machines to many–if not all!–of these women.  We already have 11 sewing machines donated!  Praise God!

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts already!  I’ll be updating my blog periodically as we prepare for our trip to update you on fundraising goals and other prayer requests.  During the trip, I hope to post every few days, but this will depend on how often I’m able to get an internet connection.

Funds raised to date:  $1586   Fundraising goal:  $5000

Prayer requests & praise reports:  Debbie received her passport this week–hooray! Please pray that her visa comes quickly.  Pray for God’s direction for Pastor Jamie as he plans our itinerary.  Pray for the people we will meet in our travels that their hearts would be open to hear the Word of God and believe.  Pray for Rose and I as we prepare to speak the Gospel to those who have never heard it.  Pray that we would not be distracted or discouraged by the evil one.





  1. Dear Jill, It was wonderful to hear from Nathan to let us know what was happening. Then I was glad to get your schedule and see your picture. You and the others have ambitious plans for the next 3 weeks and, with God’s help, I know you will succeed. I loved reading about teaching the women to sew and presenting them with sewing machines; also, the feeding program and medical help if possible. I will pray for you. Love, Judy

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