Posted by: nemerson | December 27, 2009

Countdown is on!

As I’m typing this, we are just 53 hours from take-off out of JFK airport direct to Bombay, India.  Yippeeeee!  Are we ready?  Well, close, but not quite…still some packing to do and making sure none of the suitcases are over 50 pounds.

We have much to praise God for!  Debbie received her passport and visa in plenty of time.  We all have our vaccinations and are ready to roll!  We raised over $5,300 which will cover all of our expenses as well as provide for feeding programs, children’s programs and even 20 sewing machines for the women graduating from the Tailoring Schools.  Hallelujah!

Our Tentative Program Schedule is as follows as put together by our fearless leader, Pastor Jamie :

29 December, 2009         :Depart JFK airport 9:30pm

31 December, 2009         :  Arrive Kochi, India 3am.  Day rest.

31 December, 2009          :  Midnight Service Starts at 10 pm to 3-4am on 1st.

1 January, 2010                :  Rest

2 January, 2010                :  Sight Seeing–Kochi

3 January, 2010                :  Sunday Worship

4 January, 2010                :  Children Program

5 January, 2010                :  Evening Church meeting

6 January, 2010                :  Feeding Program

7 January, 2010                :  Gospel Meeting

8 January, 2010                :  Travel to Pollachi (in Tamilnadu)

9 January, 2010                :  Feeding program

10 January, 2010              :  Sunday Worship

11 January, 2010              :  Leader’s meet (about 25) and children program

12 January, 2010              :  Village Gospel Meeting, Feeding Program

13 January, 2010              :  Erode Tailoring School Program

14 January, 2010              :  Children Program

15 January, 2010              :  Feeding Program, Gospel Meeting

16 January, 2010              :  Coonoor Visit

17 January, 2010              :  Worship at Boyce Company Assembly

18 January, 2010              :  Taveling to Kochi Airport

19 January, 2010              : Arrive in US 7:30 a.m.

Please pray for us and check back here for updates every couple of days.  Leave comments!  We love to know you’re out there praying for us!



    1. So exciting for you all!! Praise God for all the funds raised and for hearts like yours for His Kingdom. God is going to do so many amazing things on this trip – and so many will come to know Him through you!! God bless you as you prepare to leave – we will all be praying here in Florida! Love and hugs to all in India!!

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