Posted by: nemerson | January 6, 2010

another few days…


Monday, 1/ 4 – Waterfalls and evening meeting

The waterfalls were truly amazing—a work of God! As a special treat, we brought bread (from the supermarket) and peanut butter (from home) and tiny bananas (from a roadside shop) up to the base of the waterfalls and had a picnic. Pastor Wilson and his family were with us as well as Pastor Jamie and Abby. I’m not sure they were that impressed by the PB sandwiches! And we were lucky to have the bananas at all…I was carrying them and a bunch of monkeys got the scent while we were walking up the trail. They came chasing after me, trying to grab the bag out of my hand, but Jamie got a rock to throw and scared them away. Pesky little buggers!

Our evening meeting was a group of about 40 from a local church. They were so excited to have us there! Rose gave a great message on Jn. 17, Jesus’ prayer for His disciples and also for us as His followers. Jesus prayed for our protection, joy, unity, sanctification, love and eternal life. I gave a quick follow up about knowing how very much God loves us (Rom 8:38-39). When we’re filled with His love it will overflow to all those around us. After the meeting, we had tea and cookies while chatting with some of the people there. It was a great night!

 Tuesday, 1/5 – Rubber tree workshop and evening meeting

Who knew there was actually such a thing as a rubber tree?! I’ve heard of it in that song about the ant with the high hopes (“oops, there goes another rubber tree plant…”), but I had no idea that rubber came from trees! Pastor Wilson has a small rubber tree plantation (750 trees) that has been passed down from several generations of his family. We arrived at his home at 9:30 am to observe the whole process of tapping the trees, collecting the liquid rubber from the trees (it’s their sap!), treating it with chemicals, and then rolling it out into sheets so that it can be dried and then sold. It was amazing! Then Pastor Wilson’s wife, Blessy, made us a feast for lunch—kool-aid to drink, chicken, beef, fish, veggies, rice, tapioca, poori, bananas, watermelon, fresh pineapple (they grow it! along with mangoes, papaya, coffee, black pepper and more!) and even ice cream for dessert! It was great!

Our evening meeting was in a brand new home belonging to one of the church members. It was our great pleasure to dedicate their home to the Lord. We bought them a ceiling fan (almost as good as air conditioning!) as a house warming gift, and I got to wrap it myself. Rose, Jamie and I all gave a short message as we celebrated with the family. They served dinner to everyone (about 50 people) after the meeting,though Rose, Debbie and I were so hot we weren’t really hungry.

Praise report: our money finally arrived!; Shirley and the kids will stay here in Adoor at her Mom & Dad’s house while we travel (I’m looking forward to the break from the kids!)

Prayer requests: safe, comfortable driving Thursday as we’ll be on the road for about 8 hours to reach our next ministry location, Pollachi

Schedule Update

January 7 – all day travel to Pollachi with sightseeing along the way

January 8 – workshop on the names of God for 30 Bible college students (9-2); evening meeting

January 9 – children’s program (10-2)

January 10 – Sunday church services, morning and evening

January 11 – Pastors’ training (about 50) (10-2)

January 12 – gospel meetings in morning and evening

January 13 – all day travel to Madurai to visit friends; evening house meeting

January 14 – travel to Pastor Jamie’s house in Coonoor in the Nilgiris mountains (it’ll be much cooler there!); sightseeing

January 15 – children’s program (10-2)

January 16 – tailoring school graduation (10-12)

January 17 – church service

January 18 – all day travel back to Cochin and depart India in the evening

January 19 – arrive in Boston 10:30 am



  1. Glad to hear your money came through. What an answer to prayer! Continuing to pray for you.

  2. Hi Jill. This is mom on Nate’s computer. What a blessed visit we are having. Today is official Friday PJ Day for me in your polar bear jammies and NO makeup. I’m loving it.
    All is well. We LOVE you and are thanking God that His Spirit is guiding you and His angels are accompanying, defending and preserving you !!

  3. Helen says “Hi Jill – are you teaching a lot of people?” Jane says, “HI EGGIE!!!! are you eating a lot of naan? happy belated new years! we miss you, hope to see you soon! have a safe flight back! looooove, jane. :)” Hi Jill!!! It sounds like you’re enjoying your trip–a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun, too!! We miss you!! Have fun in India! Love, Natalie Thanks for the updates – we had a great visit with Grace. Stay cool! Love Carol and the girls

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