Posted by: nemerson | January 9, 2010

update from the field

Thursday, 1/8 – traveling

Yes, it was a long day of riding in the car. We traveled up the west coast, back to Kochin, where we connected with another highway heading east, inland to the state of Tamil Nadu. It was actually a nice drive with lots of beautiful scenery and also fascinating buildings as we went through the outskirts of Kochin. Kerala is a more wealthy state than Tamil Nadu, and we passed many large, nicely-painted homes. Pastor Jamie said most of the people who own the homes work elsewhere and come to their fancy mansions only a few months of the year. (sounds like the coast of Maine!) They’re building an enormous shopping mall in Kochin complete with a bowling alley and bumper cars—at least according to the billboards! There are huge billboards everywhere in the state of Kerala—the funniest of all being the ones for men’s “innerwear” (underwear)–especially since there are none for women’s! 🙂 We stopped along the way to visit the Peechi Dam, which was a nice chance to stretch our legs but not very remarkable since the water is low at this time of the year. We arrived safely at our hotel in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, by 9:30pm—in time to get a good night’s rest. Thank you, Lord, for our safe journey and Wilson, for his good driving.

Friday, 1/9—Bible college

DSC01314Now this isn’t like Moody Bible Institute or anything, so don’t get too worried! The men and women who are in this Bible college are interested in being in the ministry (some already are) and would like to learn more about the Bible and how to share it with people. They meet once or twice a week—whenever there is someone to teach them.

Since Rose and I had done a 5-hr training on the names of God during our 2006 India trip, we pulled together those notes (many thanks to Nathan and Rose’s daughter Becky for e-mailing that info!) and shared our experiences with them. The names of God we covered were Jehovah T’sidkenu (The Lord our Righteousness), Jehovah M’Kaddesh (The Lord who Sanctifies), Jehovah Shalom (The Lord our Peace), Jehovah Rapha (The Lord our Healer) and Jehovah Jireh. (We had others planned but ran out of time.) We provided notebooks and pens for them and made time throughout the workshop for them to journal about how God has worked in their lives through these aspects of His character. Then we divided them into small groups so they could share what they had written down.

It was a wonderful day! The 25 or so students ranged in age from teens to some in their 60s, and it was a pleasure to hear their testimonies and to share ours.

After a short break, we headed to a local church for an evening meeting. They are in a beautiful, new building. A bunch of little boys were sitting right up in the front row, smiling and waving to me during the entire service. 🙂 I spoke first on Ps. 139, explaining that I smile all the time because I know Jesus loves me. He created me, knows my every move and every thought. He loves me so much! Rose spoke about Jesus meeting up with the men on the road to Emmaus. She explained the whole gospel message of Christ’s death and resurrection. Pastor Jamie gave an invitation for people to follow Christ with their whole lives and about 10 people raised their hands. Praise God!

Thursday, 1/9 – children’s program, evening meeting

I’m typing this at 3:30pm…we’ve just come from our second children’s program with about 60 kids. Everything went great! It was very similar to our last one with singing, nativity skit, flannelboard of the nativity and nativity stickers. Several kids came up at the end and gave the nativity story perfectly. We also explained that Jesus grew to be a man and died on the cross to forgive their sins. They all prayed to ask Jesus to be their Savior! We pray that the seeds we planted today will grow and these children will follow Jesus for the rest of their lives!

We’ll be heading off to our evening meeting next..

Praise reports: safe travels; we’re halfway through our journey with no injuries or sickness!; the car is much quieter w/o Jordan :); the weather here in Tamil Nadu is cooler—much less humidity; hot showers at this hotel

Prayer requests: wisdom as we prepare for the pastor’s conference on Monday; God’s leading for each meeting we attend; good rest (it’s noisy at this hotel); strength for Jamie as he translates all day and night



  1. Lord, I thank you today for Jill and Rose and Debbie and I pray that out of your abundant love you would bless, protect and keep them. Bless their travel, their relationships, and prosper every word they speak and every thing they do in your name. Above all, let them bring help and blessing to the people they serve in India. Empower them by your Holy Spirit and when their time in India is finished, bring them safely home to us by your grace. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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