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We are so tired—spiritually exhausted! Our time in Pollachi has been almost non-stop ministry with meetings and prayer morning, noon and night. With God’s help, we survived! Our time in Coonoor (next stop) will be much less demanding—and it’ll be much cooler since it’s up in the mountains.

In my last post, I totally messed up the days and the dates! Sorry! I really have no idea what day it is! I just get in the car, and Pastor Jamie takes us where we need to go. 🙂

Saturday 1/9 evening meeting

IMG_7906 During my last entry, I told you about the children’s program we had during the day. Our evening meeting was held at a small orphanage in the dining hall. The kids had been bused over to the children’s program that morning, so It was a lot of fun seeing them again. The pastor who runs the orphanage also holds church meetings in the dining hall, so many of the people from the church were there for the meeting. The kids gave us fresh-picked lemons when we arrived, and during the meeting, the pastor gave us each a gift (CD/DVD). So sweet! Rose talked about Christ’s soon return using 1 Thes. 4-5. I shared how I came to believe in Jesus when I was child and then committed my life to following Him when I was 14. We looked at my “life verse,” which is 1 Cor. 10:31. After the meeting, we spent a long time praying for those with needs and for the children and taking pictures with them. 🙂

Sunday 1/10 church and evening meeting

Jill and Grace We were able to attend church at the same place we had the children’s program on Saturday. We saw more of the kids we met, along with their mothers who stayed for the children’s program. The pastor of this church, Pastor Vetha, has been coming with us to all of our meetings here. It was great to meet his family—especially his youngest daughter, Grace :),in the picture, who is 9 years old. Pastor Vetha gave each of a special “necklace” as a gift for serving with him this week. During the service, I spoke about sheep. Yep, sheep. Pastor Jamie just stared at me when I told the congregation we were going to talk about sheep. 🙂 The Bible tells us that we are like sheep (quite helpless!) who need a shepherd—Jesus! Rose spoke on Jn. 17, Jesus’ prayer for His disciples—and for all believers. Many came for prayer after the service, so Rose, Debbie and I went together down the line, praying for each one.

DSC01403After lunch and a little shopping (not many stores were open since it was Sunday), we had an evening meeting in a small village in an unoccupied home. Since there was no electricity, we used a propane lantern (which was hot!) to light the room. Rose spoke from Heb. 10 about how Jesus has made a way for us to talk directly to the Father, who is always with us. She told the story about the footprints in the sand and how when there was only one set it was because Jesus was carrying us. I shared 1 Tim. 4:10 about the hope we have in knowing Christ, and I challenged them not to leave there without it. Jamie wrapped it all up with an invitation to accept Christ, and about 8-10 people raised their hands. I was able to meet one of them, Privetha. She’s in college and spoke some English. I’ll be praying for her and her family to continue to follow Jesus!

Monday, 1/11 – pastor’s conference and evening meeting

About 50 pastors came to Pollachi for the pastor’s conference. Several of the pastor’s shared, and then Rose and I had a chance to talk about Jesus as the true Vine (Jn. 15) and what it looks like to abide in Him and bear fruit. I mentioned Matt. 6—what’s in their hearts is going to come out in their fruit! After a short break, Rose and I focused on unity using 1 Cor. 12 and Eph. 4. Though all these pastors came from different denominations, we encouraged them to use their gifts to help one another and reach all of India with the gospel. Jamie closed up with his own message, and then we served them lunch. Many of the pastors came to us after and said how blessed they were. Rose and I certainly had nothing to teach these pastors, but God used us to deliver His message!

We traveled about an hour out to a small village for our evening meeting, which was in the pastor’s home. We had dinner on the way out, but I thought we were going back to the hotel so that we could all use the bathroom. Nope. When we got to the pastor’s house, I asked for a toilet. A church member walked me all through the village until we came to a home where I could go to the bathroom—but there was no TOILET! Oh well…it was better than the side of the road! 🙂

The meeting went well, with about 25 people in attendance. I shared the story of Nathan’s cancer diagnosis back in 1996 and also when he relapsed in 2001 in the middle of the adoption process. But still I chose to praise God as it says in Hab. 3:17-19. Then Rose shared how Psalm 23 illustrates many of the names of God—his characteristics. Wilson also shared, and we closed the meeting by praying for all those who came forward.

Tuesday, 1/11 – morning meeting, travel

As I’m writing, we’ve just returned from our meeting in a small village about an hour outside of Pollachi. I’ve forgotten to mention that this area is in a very windy valley, and there are huge wind turbines everywhere! The wind keeps it nice and cool here usually, though today has been the hottest day in Pollachi so far. They also grow a lot of corn and coconuts here. Luckily, we’ve taken mostly main roads to our meetings, and the driving has been good.

This village church was in a small, thatched-roof hut with absolutely no ventilation. We were sooooo hot! About 30 people joined us for the meeting. Rose started with Jn. 14, highlighting how awesome heaven is going to be, and then explaining the gospel so they could know they were going to heaven. I challenged them not to be afraid—to follow Jesus, to tell others about Him, or to face whatever comes—because God is with them. Wilson also spoke and Jamie closed by praying for all of them to be set free from whatever was keeping them from God’s blessing.

We’ll be traveling for a few hours tonight, sleeping, and traveling again Wednesday to visit our friend Ragu’s wife and newborn son. I can’t wait to hold that little baby! Ragu has traveled with us on all of our previous trips to India but now has a job in Dubai that he cannot leave. We miss him so much!

Praise report: many lives committed to Christ; successful Bible college and pastors’ meetings; God’s orchestration in bringing together all of our messages for His glory

Prayer requests: safe travel over the next few days; Pastor Jamie’s wife and kids will also be traveling by bus back to their home in Coonoor where we’ll meet them on Thursday; little Jordan and Shirley have a sore throat/cold/cough; I’m homesick!


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