Posted by: nemerson | June 23, 2012

Team India 2012!


It seems that it’s been 2 ½ YEARS since my last blog update…Yikes! Yes,
it’s been too long! And my heart is longing for India…the sights, the
sounds, the smells (well, the smell of Indian food cooking!). But most
importantly, my heart is longing for the beautiful people of India, the
billions of people who live daily in deep darkness. The time has come once
again for me to shine my light in India! And this year, there will be 10
people on our India team! To say I’m a little excited would be a major
understatement… 🙂

All 10 of us will be departing Boston on Thursday, July 12th, at
10:25 pm-flying through London (where the Olympics will be held just 2 weeks
later!) and then into Chennai (Madras), India, and finally a short flight
into Coimbature arriving at 7am on Saturday, July 14th. Pastor Jamie, who
is the head of Comforter Action Mission Trust (CAMT), will meet us there and
take us 3 hours uphill to the CAMT building which will be our “home base”
for our 2 weeks of intense ministry. Half of the team will arrive back in
the U.S. on July 29th, while four of us will stay another week in India. As soon as I have more details on our itinerary, I’ll post them here.

Let me introduce the team, since you’ll be hearing all about them over the
next few weeks as I chronicle our journey here on my blog.

Tom & Patti-Tom went on a mission trip to India 2 years ago and is thrilled
to be going back with his wife

Mani (age 14)-Patti’s daughter who was born in India and adopted as a
toddler; this is Mani’s first trip to her homeland

Blanca (age 15)-had planned to go to China this summer but decided to join
Team India when those plans fell through

Catherine (age 16)-with her blond hair and blue eyes, Catherine will be
swarmed by children wanting to touch her the minute she reaches India! And
she’ll love every minute of it!

David-native Indian and Pastor Jamie’s brother; David is also a pastor at
Grace Family Church in Waterboro, ME. He started Comforter Missions in the
U.S. to cooperate with CAMT in India. David is the reason that I first
started going to India!

Wayne-went to India over 20 years ago supporting a traveling evangelist and
is excited that God has given him the opportunity to go back

Joan-knew that God was calling her to go on this trip when God provided
exactly the amount of money she needed to go!

Rose-one of my best friends and faithful travel companion; this will be mine
and Rose’s 5th mission trip to India with Pastor Jamie and CAMT

Our team has been meeting together since November, 2011, to make this trip
possible. Our fundraising is going great with most of the team fully funded
for travel expenses and two bore wells funded along with 16 sewing machines
and 6 Bibles donated. We’re still hoping to give more!

You can check back here for updates every couple of days while we’re in India. I’ll post whenever I have wi-fi! Feel free to leave comments for the whole team. And keep us in your prayers!



  1. Grace Family Church is in prayer for the 2012 Missions Team. We are excited to hear that God’s hand is moving in a powerful way. We pray for the protection of the entire team, for good health, we are praying for personal safety and of course that Christ Jesus would be glorified and that His light would begin to blaze across the nation of India.

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