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We are halfway through Day 4 in India, and we’ve been soooo busy that I haven’t had a chance to post anything!

Our flights from the U.S. all went smoothly–not even a wrinkle, thank you, Lord! On our long (10 hour flight) from London to Chennai, half of the team was bumped up to business class and Blanca got to sit in First Class!

The word for our first few days is TRAVEL! We’ve logged 7+ hours of traveling every day…ugh. Pastor Jamie arranged for us to have a small bus (18 seats) to manage our team of 10 and all of luggage. It’s great for fitting us in but not the most comfortable means of transportation (no A/C!). The CAMT building is at the top of the Nilgiris Mountains around 6,000 ft up. The ride up has around 20 hairpin turns that could make even the most experienced traveler nauseated–add that to being in a bumpy bus, diesel fumes and lack of sleep…yep, it’s been a a struggle.

But God is with us and before us and behind us! Our times of ministry (squeezed in between the driving) have been blessed. On Sunday, David and Joan remained at the CAMT building for Sunday morning service. Joan was able to pray with so many wonderful women with the Holy Spirit just pouring out of her–what a great first day of ministry for her! The rest of the team drove back down the mountain to visit the Adopt-A-Village at Gudalur and worship with them. Tom, Patti, Rose, Wayne and I were each able to share a short message with the thriving church there. And it was a special blessing for us to be there to dedicate the pastor’s daughter, Rachel. On our way home, we drove through the Wildlife Preserve, but all we saw were a couple of elephants and monkeys.

On Monday, we were up early (5:30am) again to head down the mountain and into the state of Karnataka where we were going to watch a bore well be drilled. We left so early so we could arrive by 11am when the truck was scheduled to arrive. Unfortunately, the well-drilling rig was held up at its first location and didn’t arrive until 4pm!!! We enjoyed the day by visiting with the people of the village, holding a Gospel meeting for them and eating lunch with them. They were so excited about their new well! I challenged them to say “Thank you, Jesus!” every time they came to get water, and Rose told them about the Living Water that Jesus offers. They all responded in faith! We also had the privilege of naming two babies in the village. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blanca, Mani and Catherine played with the kids in the village ALL DAY until finally I had to pull the kids off of them around 7pm when it was getting dark. Yes, we were still there at 7pm as they continued to drill and drill and drill and DRILL. After they got past 300ft, there was some water…enough to drink but not enough to irrigate their crops. We made the decision to continue to drill even though the cost would be more than we had planned. And we prayed…and prayed and prayed and PRAYED that the water would gush out. At 9pm, more water was coming, and we decided to leave the village for a 2-3 hour drive to a hotel while the drilling continued. At midnight, with 412 feet of pipe in the ground, finally that overflowing water poured out! Hallelujah!

We had a rough night in an “authentic” Indian hotel–complete with Indian toilets, bed bugs, tons of mosquitos (no screens!) and only cold water. We were all more than happy to leave at 6:30am this morning (Tuesday)! We headed back up the mountain toward the CAMT building but took a wonderful stop along the way at a small school (40 children). We met a local doctor there to do check-ups for each of the children. Sadly, ninety percent of the children were malnourished and many had severe dental problems. The school principal also asked if we might be able to provide jackets for the children (about $200 total) since the monsoon season is upon them. Please let me know if you’d like to donate toward this cause and we can get those jackets before we leave India!

The wonderful part of our day, though, was spending time with each of these adorable children. Joan was able to give each one a pair of knitted slippers and a hat which they desperately needed since it’s quite chilly up here on the top of the mountain! We sang songs with them and played games to entertain the ones who were waiting. When each child had seen the doctor, we brought them together to teach them the Creation story and also pray with them to ask Jesus to be their Savior. How exciting! May God grow them up in His Word and nurture the seeds planted today!

It’s 5pm here in India as I type…the girls are off shopping to get supplies for our knitting/sewing class tomorrow and to look for Indian clothes. Several of us are heading out for a Gospel Meeting later tonight, and we’ll have another one tomorrow night after the knitting/sewing program and then a school program on Thursday–thankfully, not as much traveling on Wed and Thurs!

Our greatest needs today are peace and rest…

Aprama pakaalam! That’s “See you later” in Tamil. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m doing my best to get some pictures in here for you….







  1. thank you, it was so awesome to finally hear from you guy’s. Even though it may be totally exausting with the work you are doing the benefits far outway the exaustion because your doing work for the will of God, i’m praying every day as i’m sure everybody is not only for strength but also for God to do a mighty work thru all of you!!! I really wish i were with you but know that i am in spirit, thinking of you every day. I miss you guy’s and will see you soon. : ) Love in Christ Jesus George

  2. thank you Jill…I always look forward to reading your amazing blog…it made me feel as I was right there…we are fervently praying for you. God bless you all…M

  3. Jill, THANK YOU for giving us updates on how you all are doing. Yes, I’m missing my “babies” (Catherine and Mani), but am thrilled you are all there making a difference. Keep up the great work, and we’ll keep the prayers coming!!!

  4. Thank you very much for the update Jill. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. So glad that they hit water, wow 412 feet! May the Holy Spirit continue to be with you all and may Christ Jesus be glorified.
    Grace Family Church Board Secretary/Webmaster

  5. Jill, Mark and I would love to cover the $200.00 needed for the children’s jackets. Please let us know how best to send it. Also, whereas the well costs were higher due to the depth you needed to go, do you have enough monies to drill a second well?

  6. Jill, thinking about the India team and praying this week. Because that is where I want to be in India (Missions and adoption) Wanted to pay for the children’s jackets but I see someone beat me to it. Let us know if you need anymore financial help. Blessings

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