Posted by: nemerson | July 19, 2012

Birthday Bash!

Catherine turned 17 today, and we celebrated with pizza, cake and fireworks on the roof! Of course, I should also mention that she (and Mani and Blanca) were like movie stars at school we visited today. There were 800 kids there–mostly high school boys!–who were just crazy about our girls! Before they mobbed the girls, we did have a chance to do a program for them. All 3 of the teens shared a little about themselves and how much God loves them. It was the first time the girls spoke at one of our events, and they all did an amazing job! After the girls spoke, we all taught the students a couple of songs in English and did our skit about Adam and Eve. That was hilarious since I played Adam and dressed up as a man–complete with fake mustache! Rose and David both shared to close the program, and many of the children prayed to accept Christ as their Savior. Brother John from Youth for Christ ministers in this school regularly, so we know that he is following up with those kids who want to learn and grow in their faith.

Before the school program, we visited a small village built by the government for handicapped people. We wandered through the village and prayed for and hugged these sweet people who are so alone and neglected. At the end of the visit, we gathered in a community center to share the gospel with them. One of the men there who is blind sang a song for us, and he had the most wonderful voice–like an angel! But before we left, the village leaders became very upset with Pastor Jamie because they have no pastor in their village anymore. They had one for quite a while, but he moved away, and no one else has come. Please pray that someone would step forward to minister to these people on a regular basis and show them God’s love.

And I can’t forget yesterday! It was our women’s ministry–led by Joan. All of the women from the two local tailoring schools came to the church hall here at CAMT to learn about knitting, sewing and the love of God. 🙂 Joan had packed knitting needles for all of the women, but we had to shop for the yarn here in India. It turned out that it all needed to be balled up! We were frantically balling yarn all morning until the program started at 10:30, and the girls and I continued to unravel the tangled skeins of yarn while Joan and Rose taught the women how to knit. It was quite a sight! After an hour of knitting, we paused to share our hearts with these women–many who are Muslim. Joan shared about the Proverbs 31 woman, and Patti followed that up by sharing how much we need God’s strength and help to be that woman. After that, Joan demonstrated how to sew a simple but beautiful bag. She and Rose had pre-cut the pieces, and the teacher from the tailoring school was sewing them together. Sadly, the machine did not have a large enough needle to get through all the layers of material and batting. The bag didn’t turn out quite right! But the teacher now has the pattern and the women have seen how it can be done easily–with the right sewing needle! Now they can make them and sell them! At the end of the day (around 1:30), we rewarded some of the best knitters with full sets of knitting needles (5 sizes), and Rose shared the gospel with them. About 10 women raised their hands to accept Christ, and we were able to send them home with Bibles!

Last night, we also did a gospel meeting in a small home nearby. There were about 20 people there–the same ones who had come to our meeting the night before in a different location! We were excited to see them again and share with them, but we had hoped that they would invite their friends who don’t know Jesus. It was still a good night of prayer, praise and encouragement.

And now our time here at CAMT has come to an end…so sad! It’s so beautiful here amid the tea fields. The weather is lovely (70s) and our sleeping rooms are so comfortable. Pastor Jamie’s wife feeds us excellent meals…we’re going to miss CAMT! But God has called us to reach out further to other villages. Tomorrow (Friday), we travel 7+ hours to the temple city of Madurai where we’ll stay for 3 nights. Please pray for safe traveling and continued strength to minister to these special people. Pray especially for Joan who had to stay home in bed today with a cold and fever. Praise God for all of the wonderful work He is doing in our lives and the lives of those we are reaching in His name!

I’m not sure about internet access while we’re traveling, but I will try to update the blog in a couple of days (Saturday or Sunday)…






  1. Oh, Jill, your sharing with us about the ministry to Indian women is just wonderful!!! It is such a blessing to hear what is being done and how the Lord in working in your hearts as well as those you are helping and leading to the Lord…….Lord bless you all !!!!!

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