Posted by: nemerson | July 21, 2012

Village visits

After a long drive on Friday, we arrived safely in the temple city of Madurai. And I’m pleased to report that our hotel is AMAZING with A/C, hot showers and free wifi in the lobby! Thank you, Jesus! It’s sooo hot and dry her in the plains…having a cool room to go back to and recharge makes so much difference!

Today (Saturday), we spent our morning in a village on the outskirts of the city. We had planned an all-day children’s program, but unfortunately, the children had school today because of a holiday in the middle of the week. The principal was generous enough to allow us to come and share during school, but we had only one hour. We were able to squeeze in the story of creation, the Adam and Eve skit, 2 songs, the craft (sticker and coloring sheet that we made to help them remember the days of creation), and most importantly, a chance to know and accept Jesus as their Savior. Many of them did! Pastor Devaraj is here to follow up with these children and continue to share God’s love with them. This was a public (government) school–what a gift to be able to go there and share the gospel freely!

We had a little time to rest and recharge this afternoon before heading out on a walk to view the enormous temples here in Madurai. The picture below just doesn’t do it justice. How sad that so many Indians come to worship at this temple and know nothing of the one true God who loves them enough to send His Son for them… That inspired us to continue on our mission!

We traveled an hour out of the city to a small village of Dahlit, or untouchables, where Pastors Devaraj and Solomon have recently been visiting. The children were waiting for us because we were bringing notebooks for them, but soon most of the adults in the village also came to hear what we had to say. Tom, Patti, Wayne, Joan, Rose and I all shared a meaningful, short message. Our evangelist Rose presented the gospel message and 20 + people prayed to accept Christ. How exciting! Our hearts were so full that we didn’t even want any dinner! We were able to hang out and pray with the people asking for prayer and just play with the kids. It was a great time! And we get to do it again tomorrow night in another unreached village!

I’ll try to post again tomorrow before we leave for the east coast of India on Monday morning…







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