Posted by: nemerson | July 25, 2012

Short update

It was our great privilege to worship with Pastor Devaraj (who led us yesterday) at his church here in Madurai. There were about 50 people there for the service. Rose and Patti each spoke a few words about their favorite verses in the Bible, and Tom gave a short message about finding hope in Jesus. Pastor Jamie also gave a message–on Gen. 11, which is about the Tower of Babel. Despite the heat, it was wonderful to sing and pray with these precious saints.

We had planned to do another village gospel meeting tonight (Sunday), but it turned out that there is a Hindu festival being celebrated tonight all over India. We did not want to compete with festival or cause any strife by visiting any village tonight. Instead, we went to the mall! Yes, it was a beautiful, air-conditioned mall–complete with a food court on the top floor! The girls were thrilled to get pasta for dinner, and Rose had french fries, popcorn, and Baskin Robbins ice cream. 🙂 I tried an Indian dish with shrimp which turned out to be so spicy my lips were burning! It was a fun way to spend the evening after several days of traveling and doing ministry.

Tomorrow (Monday), we’ll be leaving our amazing hotel for a 6-hour drive to Pondicherry, which is on the east coast of India. When we arrive there, around 4pm, our team will split into 2 groups to do 2 separate children’s programs.

Thank you for all of your prayers! We continue to battle the itchy bug bites from 5 days ago (the heat makes them worse!), and Joan is not feeling well again. Please pray about these physical needs and continue to ask for God’s mercy on those we are ministering to that they would be willing to hear and accept His gift of salvation.

I will write again when I can!



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