Posted by: nemerson | July 25, 2012

The East Coast (of India!)

Our ministry in the Pondicherry area on the east coast of southern India was brief, wonderful and VERY HOT! After driving through the heat of the day (9:30am – 3pm) with no A/C on the bus and temps easily above 110 F, we arrived in the village of Cuddalore for two children’s programs. Since there were 2 programs going on simultaneously, we split the group in half. We did the same program as we had previously (with some modifications for the smaller group), sharing the creation story, Adam and Eve, the sticker craft, sharing the gospel, and praying with those who wanted to accept Christ as their Savior. About 300 children heard about the love of God! We had only one hour with them, but it was worth that long, hot drive to tell them about Jesus. πŸ™‚

We had some free time on Tuesday to go to the beach. Yeehaw! The water was soooo refreshing! The waves were crashing in, and the current was so strong that we couldn’t go out very deep, but we let the cool water wash over us. Unfortunately, the high heat and humidity along with the walk to the beach was a little too much for Joan. It was only by the grace of God that we got her back to the bus…she was dangerously close to having heat stroke. Please keep her in your prayers as we complete our ministry in the low elevations where temps are so high. Also, please pray for rain here! It’s supposed to be monsoon season, but India is in the midst of a drought instead. We can see and feel the effects of it daily!

Tuesday evening, we attended a gospel meeting in Cuddalore (Joan and Patti stayed back at the hotel in the air condintioning!). It was our privilege to encourage the church members to reach their goal of 1,000 members (they have about 70 now!). Tom, Wayne and even Catherine spoke about how God answers our prayers when we cry out to Him. At the end of the meeting, they served everyone there a delicious (spicy!) Indian meal. We finished the night by stopping off at another church and praying with the pastor there. It was nearly 11pm when we made it back to the hotel, and we had to be packed up and ready to go for 6:15 this morning. Phew!

Our drive today (Wed) wasn’t too bad–only 3 hours. We checked into our hotel and cooled off (so thankful for A/C!!) for about an hour before going to the Pastor’s Seminar at a local church. Sadly, there was no A/C in the church, but even Joan survived. πŸ™‚ The ladies sat at the back of the room and prayed as Tom, David and Wayne preached. Tom spoke from 1 Kings 17-18 about spiritual drought–it has a purpose! David spoke from Ez. 22 encouraging the pastors to be the one to “stand in the gap” (verse 30). And Wayne spoke about the power of the Holy Spirit. We closed the meeting with a time of prayer in groups of 4-5, praying for one another, but especially praying that God would send rain (physical and spiritual!) on India. Finally, lunch was served to all of the pastors (and us!). We tried to help serve, but the women of the church insisted on doing the work. πŸ™‚

Now we have some time to cool off and rest before our LOOOOONG drive (7 hours) tomorrow back to Coimbature. We will be stopping along the way to visit the Martha Tailoring Institute and speak to the women there. We’re hoping to have a Medical Camp on Friday, but we’re still waiting for permission from the government. Please pray that it comes through before Friday!

Here are a few pictures…








  1. Wonderful updates Tom. Praying for all of you and that God’s kingdom is advancing – that this fruit will remain. Sounds like the girls are doing great… I love how missions enlarges our hearts. I think Mani and Catherine will be spoiled for the ordinary after this. I pray it will be a life changer for the good. Blessings to all. I’m trying not to covet.

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