Posted by: nemerson | July 28, 2012


Yes, it’s hard to believe that over 2 weeks have gone by…

The team’s last few days in India have not gone quite the way we planned, but it was still wonderful. Early Thursday morning while out for a walk, David found a women’s hospital just down the road from our hotel. When we came downstairs for breakfast at 8am, David asked Patti and I to join him in visiting the hospital. Since we didn’t have much time before we had to be on the road for Erode, the three of us RAN down the street, bought some cookies at a shop, and RAN to the hospital. We had just a few minutes to hand out the cookies to the women and pray with those who asked for prayer. What a special way to start the day!

We then started out on what we thought was a 6 hour drive on what we thought was a highway…It turns out the highway was in no way finished. What a disaster! In some places, the road just ended with no warning and we had to turn around. It took us 6 hours just to get to Erode to visit the Martha Tailoring Institute where the students were waiting for us. Several shared testimonies of how blessed they are to be part of the school. Then I shared with them how they were all created by God–beautiful!–like a beautiful piece of fabric. (Ps. 139) But God has a purpose for their lives (Jer 29:11) that can only be realized in Him–much like the fabric becomes so much more useful when it is sewn into a chutidar (dress). We had a great time talking with the ladies there and praying for those in need. Several of these women will receive sewing machines when they have completed their class–thanks to those of you who donated!

After a relaxing dinner in an air conditioned restaurant (yay!), we got back on the bus. Instead of going to Coimbature for 2 nights as planned, we continued past Coimbature and came back to the CAMT building in Coonoor. Unfortunately, the permit for the medical camp did not come through, so we had not reason to stay in Coimbature. That meant 6 more hours on the bus–but it was so nice and cool in Coonoor!

On Friday, we went back to the large school we had visited and gave new sweaters to 25 of the students there who are orphans. I had noticed on our first visit that certain kids were wearing ragged sweaters with holes in them, and one of the teachers told me that they were orphans. It was a great privilege to be able to give these kids beautiful, new sweaters in the name of Jesus!

From there, we went to the top of the Nilgiris mountains to the tourist town of Ooty for some shopping and pizza at Domino’s. The girls were sooo excited! On the way back, the girls went to a beauty shop to get henna markings on their arms.

Friday afternoon, David and Wayne left Coonoor for the southern tip of India to speak in some gospel meetings and a Sunday morning service. It was an overnight train ride for them, and they missed their stop because they were sleeping! Thankfully, the next stop wasn’t too far away (20-30 minutes), and the person who was picking them up was able to drive to the next station.

Saturday morning, the rest of the team did some souvenir shopping in Coonoor before leaving for the airport in Coimbature. Rose and I waved goodbye to the bus, feeling like a part of us was leaving, too. Rose and I spent the afternoon with Jordan and Abby (Pastor Jamie’s kids) watching the Olympics streaming live on Rose’s laptop. Thank goodness for the wonders of technology!

Please pray for safe travels home for Tom, Patti, Mani, Catherine, Blanca and Joan. They’ll be traveling for about 40 hours. Ugh. And pray for Wayne and David as they minister “down south” for the next several days. Rose and I will worship here at CAMT tomorrow (Sunday), and then we’ll wait to see what Jamie has planned for us. After all of the crazy traveling the last two weeks, we’re grateful for a few days of rest!







  1. Tom, Mani, Catherine and I arrived safely home last night about 10:30 p.m. (EDT) or 8 a.m. India time, after 40 and 1/2 hours of travel … from India to China (Maine)!! Joan and Blanca traveled separately from Logan to their homes, also arriving safely last night. Many thanks to everyone for your prayers!! It was incredibly wonderful to sleep in our own beds last night, and to shower in a contained shower :)) Now prayers continuing for the remaining third of Team India 2012, may God bless each of you, Jill, Rose, David and Wayne, in very special ways as you bless many you minister to these last several days. Shine His light brightly!

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