Posted by: nemerson | August 1, 2012

One on one

As you might remember, Wayne and David left for the west coast of India (Kerala state) on Friday evening by train. They had an amazing Gospel Meeting there on Saturday night and church service Sunday morning. They were also able to spend some time with David’s relatives in Kerala…the timing was just perfect since David’s aunt underwent emergency heart surgery while he was there to support them. Wayne and David returned to Coimbature by train last night (Tues). Rose and I went with Pastor Jamie to pick them up because we had some shopping to do in Coimbature. On our way, we stopped at a piece of land that CAMT has purchased with the goal of starting a small Bible College (for about 20 students at a time) to train new pastors and leaders. It’s a beautiful spot, and Jamie already has the architect plans drawn up–he’s just waiting for the funds to come in to start building! We would love some sponsors for that! We spent about 30 minutes there walking around the land, praying over it, and praying for the students and teachers who would come there. I can’t wait to see God build that college the way He did the CAMT building!

Around 4pm, while we were shopping, Jamie asked us, “Would you like to go somewhere?” We’re always ready for an adventure! Jamie brought us to an orphanage of about 30 kids there in Coimbature! We told them the days of Creation story (with motions!), taught them some songs, and also told the story of Adam and Eve. When Rose got to the end of explaining how Adam’s sin had separated us from God but God sent Jesus to bring us back into fellowship with Him, the kids knew just what she was saying. They all raised their hands saying they already knew Jesus! The pastor running that orphanage seems to be doing a good job! He’s currently renting the building the kids are in but has purchased some land to build a new building for the kids that his church would own and operate. He took us to the land so that we could pray over it. Please be praying for the funds to come in for this, too!

After picking up Wayne and David at the train station at 8pm, we went out for pizza (Domino’s–yum!) and then stopped by to see the Bible College that David had attended for 3 years when he was 15. (In India, students complete only through 10th grade before choosing a “specialty” to study as they complete high school). There are about 25 full-time students at the college now, and they were so encouraged to hear David’s story of all the Lord has brought him through since his time at this college over 20 years ago! We couldn’t leave without praying for them, that God would strengthen them and send them off to “shake up” the world for Him!

So, that was what we did yesterday (Tues), but I guess I need to back track a little…

On Sunday, Rose and I attended church here at CAMT. It was nice to be able to just walk upstairs to church! We each gave a message, with the over arching theme being prayer–though God doesn’t always answer the way we want Him to, we can trust Him to do what’s BEST. We were thrilled to be able to pray for those who came forward at the end of the service. After church, we went to visit a friend of Jamie’s who had recently lost his father. Jamie missed the funeral because of our ministry travels, but we had a special time of prayer with the extended family at their home. Jamie and David grew up in that same neighborhood, so we walked over to their childhood home. The current owner let us come in and look around. Jamie kept saying, “It looks so small! I remember it being so big!” It’s so amazing to see how God has now blessed both Jamie and David with large, beautiful homes as they have faithfully served Him.

On Monday, Jamie had several meetings to go to. Rose and I did some cleaning around the CAMT building, played with the kids, and watched the Olympics. In the afternoon, Jamie had a short break when we were able to go to the hospital to visit Jennifer. Jennifer used to be on staff at CAMT, and Rose and I knew her from previous visits. She had some cysts on her uterus, and the doctor was planning a total hysterectomy. She’s young, married, but with no children, and she was devastated by this. We prayed for her over the phone while we were traveling last week. When we arrived at the hospital, we found out that the cysts were on the outside (?!!!) of her uterus where the doctor could remove them easily and leave her uterus. What an amazing miracle and answer to prayer! Jennifer looked good and was planning to come home from the hospital Wed or Thurs.

That’s all the news for now… Today (Wed) and tomorrow we’ll be doing some more home visits and Gospel Meetings each night. Friday evening we’ll be boarding the plane in Coimbature for our long journey home. I’ll try to add one more update before we take off!







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