Posted by: nemerson | August 3, 2012

Last days…

Well, today is the day…it’s bittersweet. We’re excited to be going home to see our families, but we are sad to be leaving India and our “family” here. We’ve had an amazing 3 weeks of ministry here, and what a joy it has been to see God working in us and the people that we touched.

On Wednesday, David took Wayne exploring around the tourist center of Ooty, including a visit to the highest peak in southern India. Wayne said it was really cold up there! Since the guys had the car, Rose and I took an auto rickshaw (driven by Ragu’s brother) to visit Ragu’s family. Ragu used to work here at CAMT and traveled with us on our previous visits to India, but now he is married and living in Dubai. We missed having Ragu here! It was nice to see his family, though, and we prayed that his 2 brothers and his sister Esther would be married soon.

Rose and Jamie and I continued on our rickshaw journey to the home of Shiva, our bus driver when the whole team was here. We were so happy that Shiva was home (not at work) when we arrived in the afternoon. Shiva’s mom and sister were there, too, and his sister had come 30 minutes from her home just to meet us. Our purpose in visiting was to give Shiva and his family an opportunity to pray and accept Christ as their Saviour. We were just talking–small talk–and Rose and I looked at each other and asked how we would direct this conversation to Jesus…then the door was opened when Shiva’s mom asked me about my family. I told her about my husband, his ongoing battle with cancer, but that he was not afraid of dying because he knew without a doubt that he would be going to heaven. Then Rose asked her if she died today, would she be sure about going to heaven? From there, Rose shared the gospel with all of them. Before we even had a chance to ask if they wanted to accept Jesus, Shiva’s mom looked at me and said, “I see so much peace and joy in you, in your face. I want that, too!” How exciting! Jamie led all 4 of them in a prayer of salvation, and we prayed for them to grow in Christ and also for Shiva and his sister to each get married–to Christians!

Wednesday night, Rose and Jamie and I walked up the street for a gospel meeting at the home of one of the church members. Though most of the people there were believers from the church, the woman’s husband and adult children were not. Rose and I both shared from the Word. I talked about the parable of the sower because there were all of these huge pots of different sizes lined up on the shelf in the room we were meeting in. The pots reminded me of the different ways that people accept the gospel–some who hear and discard it, some who hear and accept but don’t grow, and some who hear and grow and bear fruit 30, 60 or 100 fold. I challenged the believers to bear enough fruit to fill up the biggest of those pots!

After the meeting, they served us a wonderful (spicy!) dinner, and after dinner, Rose spoke directly to the woman’s husband (his name is Mani), asking him why he was not following Jesus. He hedged and hedged but finally admitted that he had a problem with drinking and that was what was holding him back. By the grace of God, Mani accepted Christ that night, and we’re praying that God will deliver him from his alcohol addiction! We also prayed for the children, but they were not yet ready to become followers of Jesus.

Thursday morning, which dawned beautiful and sunny, Rose and Jamie and I went back to the small school where we had done the medical camp at the beginning of our trip. We were able to give the school principal the money for the jackets–thank you to those who gave for this cause! I’ll post a picture here in a few weeks when the kids have their jackets. Only 16 of the children were at school that day because it was another Hindu festival day, but we spent a few minutes with them. We reviewed the days of creation which we had taught them on our first visit, and we left the papers, stickers and crayons for the teachers to do the activity with them when all the kids were back in school.

In the afternoon, Rose and I went to visit the home of one of the women from the Tailoring School here at CAMT. She lives with her mom just across the street and speaks very good English. It was a nice visit, and she and her sister are both very interested in studying the Bible. Part of the Tailoring School curriculum is Bible study, and we gave her an English Bible (she doesn’t really speak Tamil!) to help with her studies. We prayed for the two of them and their extended family that they would all come to know Jesus!

Thursday night, under the full moon, we attended another house meeting in the village of Boys Company. Rose shared from John 17, and I shared from John 16 about how Jesus has overcome the troubles of this world and given us everything we need (protection, sanctification, unity, the Spirit, love) to do the work He has called us to do. We were blessed with another delicious (and spicy!) meal of beef curry after the meeting, and then we visited several of the homes nearby to pray for the widows who lived there. Those ladies were so sweet and happy to have us in their homes! 🙂

It’s Friday morning here, and we’re packing up–weighing all the suitcases! The Coimbature airport allows only one checked bag, so we sent Jamie’s assistant, Harry, by train to Chennai with our 3 extra bags. He’ll meet us at the airport tonight where we’ll be able to check in the extra bags on our British Airways flight. As I was typing, an elderly man came to the door, begging for water. The drought is so bad here–even in the mountains–that he hasn’t had any water for a month at his house! Several women left the meetings we were holding the last few nights because the village water supply was being turned on for only one hour, and they might not turn it on again for a few days. God has blessed CAMT with a deep well full of water. We are giving water to those who come in the name of Jesus. But please continue to pray for India that God would send a slow, steady rain (no flooding!) to quench their thirst and their hearts.






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