Posted by: nemerson | June 21, 2013

Off we go…

We arrived in India on Monday morning, as planned, but our journey did take a detour!  When we were approaching the Bombay airport after 10 hours in the air, the captain announced that the airport was closed due to heavy monsoon rains.  We were diverted to the airport in Hydrebad to refuel and wait until the airport reopened 2 hours later.  Our ten hours on that plane became 13, and we nearly missed our connecting flight to Dehli.  What an adventure!

Our first day here, after traveling for more than 30 hours, we did everything we could to stay awake and adjust to Indian time.  We went to the mall to get some basic necessities that would not fit in our suitcases, had lunch at McDonalds (only McChicken and Filet of Fish were offered!), and traveled around with Pastor Jamie on some errands.  At 7pm, we crashed and slept for a solid 12 hours.  Aaaah…

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of seven of us headed out to the marketplace to pass out invitations to a concert the church here is hosting on Saturday night at 5pm (7:30am EST).  The concert is being held at a hotel so that many nonbelievers will be interested in coming. The church members have been encouraged to invite their friends, as well.  We passed out hundreds of invitations–it was sooooo hot!  It’s been averaging 105 degrees every day, and I am so thankful that there is air conditioning in Pastor Jamie’s apartment here in Dehli. What a difference from his home in the mountains of Tamil Nadu!

Wednesday morning, I went by motorcycle (another great adventure in crazy Indian traffic!) with the local pastor (George) and his wife (Kristie) to visit some new believers that have been attending their church.  They came to know Christ after God healed one of their family members.  It was wonderful to share what God has done and is doing in our lives!  That night, we went to a local park to pass out more invitations to the concert.

We spent Thursday preparing for the concert–planning the agenda, searching for videos to use and talking about the best approach.  Pastor Jamie’s sister and brother-in-law live close by, and their two sons Godwin and Edwin have been an important part of making the concert a success.  Edwin is also in the band that will be playing at the concert.  

Friday brought another motorcycle ride through Dehli to visit another family of new believers.  It was supposed to be a prayer meeting, but we soon learned that the wife and son were leaving Saturday to meet a girl about a marriage proposal.  These new believers had no idea about God’s plan for Christians to only marry Christians–God brought us there at just the right time to teach them His Word and spare this family from possible disaster.  Wow!  

Tomorrow is the outreach concert, and that is our major prayer request.  Please pray that many unbelievers will come and respond to the Gospel!

Next week, I will be meeting with Heidi from WEC International about possibly working here next year.  We will also have a few days of fun–visiting the Taj Mahal and going to a water park!  Yes, Grace is doing just fine.  She is reading a lot and playing with Pastor Jamie’s kids.  That crazy girl has captured 2 lizards and a cricket in the house and is keeping them in an empty water bottle (with holes).  Just when I thought we would have a break from the pets…



  1. Oh, I’m so jealous – wish I was there. Sounds like God is using you mightely and I know He will bless you as well. Leave it to Grace to find a new pet. Just don’t let her capture an elephant!! Take care and God bless. Love you, Rose

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