Posted by: nemerson | July 1, 2013

Tourists for the week

Since our Indian visas technically say “Tourist” and not “missionary,” we took some time this week to see the sights in and around Delhi.  On Monday, we drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.   We left at 4am and arrived around 9am.  Before visiting the Taj, we went to Agra Fort, which was where the king lived while his wife lived across the river at the Taj Mahal.  Grace actually enjoyed visiting the fort more than the Taj because of all the cool rooms and pillars that she could explore–even though 60% of the fort is still used by the military and only about 20% of it is open to the public.  


The Taj Mahal is quite impressive from the outside, and the fountains were even running the day we were there in honor of some visiting dignitaries.  Our tour guide said that it was for me, and I almost believed him the way people were waiting in line to have their picture taken with me as if I were some kind of celebrity!  The Taj was quite beautiful up close, but there was nothing much to see on the inside…a little disappointing.  We were quite hot and tired when we finished our tours and headed home at 1:30pm.  We didn’t make it back until 8:30pm because of road construction, traffic and the police pulling us over several times because they saw me in the car!  

On Tuesday, we had an evening meeting with the church members here at Pastor Jamie’s house, and I had the pleasure of speaking.  I related my visit to the Taj Mahal to looking at Solomon’s temple.  Solomon started out such a strong follower of God’s Word but finished his life worshipping other gods.  How can we stay faithful to God if even Solomon couldn’t?  The answer is in 2 Peter 1 where Peter tells us what we need to do so that we will “never fall away.” (Hats off to Pastor Ryan at CLCC for ingraining this in my mind!).


On Thursday, we went to a water park nearby (2 hours!) called Jurasik Park (it had some huge roaring dinosaurs throughout the park!).  It was nice to get out of the heat and play in the water, but the water must have been 120 degrees at least!  The air felt cold compared to the water!  They also had some regular rides–Grace called it a mini version of Funtown/Splashtown.  



On Friday, we spent the entire day on a bus tour of Delhi–thank goodness the bus was air conditioned.  The hot, hazy weather continues, still averaging 105 degrees every day. 

Image We saw a lot of interesting sights like the Qutub Minar, the Lotus Temple (Bahai), and two other Hindu temples.  We also drove by the President’s house, the Prime Minister’s house, the Inidan Congress and all of the embassies. We had lunch at this all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant where they just keep filling your plate with 7 different foods, dessert included–it was quite an experience!   Even Grace is doing fine with spicy foods (the ones that aren’t TOO spicy), and we are both still in good health and strength.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

Today (Monday), we’ll be visiting a Bridge of Hope (Gospel for Asia) school to see the amazing work being done there.  There are actually two centers right here in the residential area called Dwarka where Pastor Jamie’s apartment is.  The rest of the week, I’ll be doing some one-on-one discipleship with some new believers in the church here, and we’ll have another meeting Tuesday night.  

I did have a great discussion with Heidi from WEC International about possibly working with WEC next year at their Rainbows of Hope program here in Delhi ministering to the street children.  I’m hoping to visit the school and meet with rest of the team next week before we leave for south India on July 10th.  

Our days here in Delhi have been quite relaxing (i.e. boring, if you know me!).  I’m hopeful that our time in south India will have more ministry opportunities.



  1. It’s so great to hear how you guys are doing over there, we are praying for your health, safety, and ministry! Can’t wait to hear what you learn about the Rainbow of Hope program. We love you guys and are so excited about all you are doing!

  2. What a wonderful time for you and Grace to be together. I pray that I can have a time(s) like that with Abigail. We are praying for you both to be safe and well. I will miss seeing you at scrapbooking if you are gone a year, but what an amazing opportunity for both of you.
    I must have missed why people were stopping you at the Taj Mahal?
    Peace and Love
    Marcy 🙂

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