Posted by: nemerson | July 17, 2013

Where we’ve been…

We finished our time in Delhi on Wed, July 10th. Before leaving, we did get a chance to visit the Bridge of Hope center in Dwarka and teach the 100+ kids there the song “Peace Like a River”- with all of the fun hand motions. I shared with them that we can have peace, joy and love through Jesus no matter what our circumstances may be. And, of course, we gave them candy! Bridge of Hope is teaching 60,000 kids throughout India about the love of Jesus every day. It’s an amazing program, and you can sponsor a child online at We were also able to attend one more evening meeting with the COP church members, and I had the opportunity to go with the pastor and his wife to visit some friends of theirs who are curious about the gospel. One of the families accepted Christ that evening (Hallelujah!), and the other family listened intently but were not ready to follow Jesus.

IMG_3446The highlight of the trip so far was our visit to the Rainbows of Hope school sponsored by WEC International. The school is called Anoka, which means “precious”in Hindi. Even though school was not yet in session, the children came running when they saw their teachers. It was amazing! All the children that attend the school (about 20-30) live in a slum next to the school (which is just an apartment being used as a school!). They had not taken a bath or brushed their teeth at all since school let out at the end of April. The kids were playing on broken beds and other garbage as if they were jungle gyms. The real eye-opener came when Grace tried climbing a tree and was quickly yelled at by the mothers. That tree is one of the gods they worship. Wow. As if my heart hadn’t broken in two just watching those kids playing in the trash, that sealed it for me. They need Jesus, and I’m the one to love them and show them His love. After visiting the school, we also met with the rest of the WEC team in Delhi. Three of the teachers at Anoka are leaving this year, so they definitely need us there. Grace and I both felt very comfortable at the school and with the team and agreed that it was the place God wanted us next year. It’s a great bonus to have Pastor Jamie and his family, as well as his church family (which is now like family to me!) nearby when we move to India next summer. All systems go for take-off next summer–learning Hindi, growing out my hair to look more Indian, raising support–here we come!

Our flight to south India was uneventful, but I did wake up in the middle of the night with a KILLER headache which progressed into vomiting the next morning. I was supposed to be speaking at the Tailoring School graduation at 10:30am, but I didn’t make it. God did grant me a short reprieve around noon, so I hurried next door to greet the graduates with the love of Jesus and then return to my sick bed. The worst-headache-ever and vomiting continued until about 4 the next morning. The doctor thought it was food poisoning and gave me some anti-nausea drugs and heavy duty painkillers (which, of course, I couldn’t keep down!). I’m so glad that’s over. Pastor Jamie decided that I needed to rest and recover for the next couple of days.

IMG_3549On Sunday, we drove down the mountain to the village of Gudalur to visit the church there. Two women in that small, tribal village have lost their husbands in the last few months…I was certainly able to relate to their loss and shared my loss with them. I gave a message from Philippians 4 where Paul gives the believers a list of things they should be doing that are very difficult–“Rejoice always. Don’t worry. Think on only good things. Be content.” At the end of the paragraph, Paul gives them the secret to success in all circumstance: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” After church, we were able to do a short children’s program with the kids that were there (only 8 because many were sick due to the cold, rainy weather). We gave them their crowns and told them that they were special–kings and queens with Christ!   On the way home, we drove through the jungle and saw lots of deer, 6 wild elephants, a wild peacock, a wild boar and a bunch of monkeys.  Unfortunately, there were no elephant rides because of the rain.  (Grace was sad)



On Tuesday, we went to a small school nearby where we had gone last year to do a medical clinic. I was so excited to be with those kids and share our kings and queens program with them–I hugged every. single. one. (about 40!) They giggled and smiled when I hugged them, and none of them wanted to be left out. They waved at me and called, “Auntie, Auntie!” if I missed them. Though they had heard the gospel last year when we were there, I shared it with them again, and they all prayed with me to accept Christ and received their crowns as children of the King. What a great day!

IMG_3514It is now Wednesday evening, and we’ll be heading out tomorrow and traveling around south India for the remainder of our 2 1/2 weeks here in India. I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access again, but I will try to do one more update before we leave for Thailand on August 3rd. I have been a bit discouraged by our slow progress (not many ministry opportunities) and very bored most of our time here so far. Please pray for our final weeks to be fruitful for the kingdom of God and that I would be patient with the slow schedule. Grace is doing great–she’s happy to read, watch movies, and play games on her iTouch all day. The weather here has been cool (60s) and rainy since we arrived so we haven’t had the chance to be outside. (stir crazy? yep.)



  1. We really enjoy receiving your updates. We pray for God’s strength and direction for you and Grace nearly every night. We miss you very much! Keep up His good work!

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