Posted by: nemerson | August 4, 2013

In Thailand!

IMG_3824 IMG_3857 IMG_3867We finished our ministry in India last Tuesday night and headed out early to Thailand.  Our last week in India was definitely our busiest–and best!  We did several children’s programs almost every day, and I had to preach 4 times over the weekend!  With no air conditioning to relax (or sleep) in, it was quite exhausting, but it was worth it to reach all of those children with the gospel.  Princy, our translator, was awesome with the kids, and the three of us (Princy, me and Grace) rocked the Kings and Queens program we created together.  We did a total of 10 programs in different villages/slums with 10-50 kids attending each time.  We held most of the programs outside, and tons of the parents came and listened, too.  It was AMAZING!  We played the game Simon Says, but we called it ‘The King Says.’  The kids loved it–and they did great knowing their body parts in English.  After that we talked about what a king is like.  Grace led that section of program and did a great job.  From there, I explained to the kids that Jesus is the King of kings, greater than all kings that ever lived, and we discussed how different Jesus was from all other kings–He even gave His life for His people!  I also explained how Jesus rose from the dead and 40 days later went up to heaven where He reigns at the right hand of God.  Finally, I told them that those who love and follow Jesus become his children and will reign with Him as kings and queens.  We gave them a chance to repeat after us and ask Jesus to forgive their sins and come into their hearts.  Then we taught them the song “He is the King of kings” in Tamil and gave them their crowns–and some cake and candy!  Again, it was AMAZING!

Thank you for all of your prayers for guidance.  God made it abundantly clear that we should move up our flight to Thailand.  We were scheduled to leave on Saturday but left on Wednesday instead.  The airline didn’t charge us any fees and even provided a hotel room for our overnight layover in Columbo, Sri Lanka.  It was a hotel on the beach with a pool and air conditioning and a buffet dinner–we thought we’d died and gone to heaven!  Our flights went well, and we found our friends pretty quickly at the Bangkok Airport.  It was so wonderful to see our American friends!   They have beautiful 4-story home–church on the first floor, business office on the second floor, their home on the third floor and guest rooms on the 4th floor–complete with air conditioning and hot showers!  They’ve even made American food for us every day, and there’s a huge mall just down the street with all kinds of American restaurants.  There’s also a pool down the street that we’ve been to several times already.  On Friday night, we attended an “English Game Night” at a church nearby and had a great time talking with the kids that were there, sharing Jesus’ love and hope.  Tomorrow and Tuesday will be fun days as we celebrate Grace’s birthday with ziplining through the rainforest.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we hope to do hang out with some children and also pass out some invitations in the neighborhood for people to come see the movie “The Hope.” which is shown here at the church every night.

I’ll try to update again before we leave for Lithuania on Saturday, August 10.  Continue to pray for Grace’s allergies…she’s still sniffling, sneezing and now coughing.  😦



  1. So good to hear from you. I wish I were there. My sister-in-law Donna and I will be holding a CEF 5-day club at the Waterboro Library the week of the 19th. I’m looking forward to serving in ministry. I also taught Jr. Church this morning. It was a lot of fun. We had 12 kids ranging from preschool to 5th grade. I will also be teaching 1-2 grade Sunday school at church this fall. It’s so nice to be getting involved in ministry again. I’m also looking into serving on the missions committee at church. The pastor told me he’d like to see more focus on missions for the church.

    I’m glad you were able to have so many opportunities to minister to so many children. It’s great to see Grace ministering as well. She’s becoming quite the missionary.

    I look forward to seeing you when you return. God bless.

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